About be:POSH

1880x970 px
Be:posh is a brand of exclusive clothing for women who want to feel special in any situation. Our clients are girls who are not satisfied with compromises. They strive to dress stylishly, sexy, bright, but at the same time feel comfortable, confident and not overpay exorbitant money for it. In a bright be:posh trouser suit, you are guaranteed to convince colleagues at a business lunch that you are right. In a dress-jacket, embroidered with stones, you will become the star of any party. And if your loved one sees you in a delicate textured limited edition be:posh dress, he will definitely be speechless.

Our brand will become your best friend, which will track all fashion trends, select the highest quality Italian fabrics, sew perfect models that will look expensive, but cost democratically. The be:posh brand was created by two friends from Ukraine with the mission to make you feel unique.

Ukrainian character

A girl in a be:POSH dress is a symbol of indomitability and freedom. The brand, created by Ukrainian girls, therefore has a Ukrainian freedom-loving character. We are convinced that regardless of any circumstances, world crises, conflicts and everyday troubles, a woman should always be well-groomed, refined and charming. Our things are created with love and zest for life. Beauty must win and save this world. be:posh dresses will become your winning mascot.


Clothes from be:POSH are created from Italian fabrics, sewn by hand. We responsibly monitor both the quality of our products and our service. You can contact our managers who will help you choose the size and the best look for your event. In addition, you will be able to exchange the item if it did not fit you after trying it on at home. And if the dress you want is already sold, we will do our best to sew a new model for you as soon as possible. Our task is to make you satisfied and have an unsurpassed look
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